Alice talks about relationships with models escorts

Alice talks about relationships with models escorts


Hey guys, it’s Alice here and I am back to talk a bit more about relationships with models escorts. Over the last month or so, I kept posting on the topic, trying to give tips for both escorts and their partners on how to make their relationships work. Today’s post is going to be a little different, as I would like to talk about the advantages of dating models escorts in the wonderful city of London.

To streamline things a bit, I’m not going to talk about beauty and all that. I think that everybody can be beautiful or interesting enough for someone else. Additionally, I’m going to focus only on relationships in which the partners are honest with each other (i.e. she told you that she’s a high class escort and has nothing to hide).


Advantages of relationships with models escorts


First of all, when you become involved in a relationship with models escorts, you become involved with women who really know how to listen. It’s part of our job to listen to our clients, to be there for them and to make sure that provide them with comfort if they need it. Were you ever in a situation in which you felt like you needed to have someone who understands by your side, but there wasn’t any? When you’re in a relationship with a model escort, you never have to feel like that.

Oh and did I mention the fact that most of us are incredibly bold and good in bed? We have all the experience we need, we love making our partners feel as good as possible and we never back down from trying anything, at least once. And who knows, we might even like it. If you were ever in a situation where you wanted to try something really kinky with your girlfriend but she refused, chances are it won’t happen again with models escorts.

And both of these advantages come free of charge, when our clients pay hundreds of pounds an hour. This might not be a selling point in itself because relationships have problems of their own, but I felt like I should point it out. So there you are, here are a few of the advantages of being in relationships with models escorts. Soon enough, I’m going to talk about a few of the drawbacks.

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